Moon Over Obama

It’s been in the ’80s, the crickets are chirping, the leaves are bursting into glorious golds, rich reds & oranges, and the full moon shines over Lake Erie. I’m staying in Luna Pier, Michigan, at my mother’s house on the lake, and Senator Obama is just across the shores at Maumee Bay. I put all of your messages in a bottle, dropped it in the lake and watched the waves carry it to him as he prepares for Wednesday’s debate.

My favorite part at the Toledo rally today was when Senator Obama stopped us from booing when McCain’s name was mentioned. “No. We don’t need that. All we need to do is vote,” Obama said. Such a classy man, a great speaker and the leader we need.

Over the weekend, I canvassed in African-American neighborhoods where every side of the block has at least 1 or 2 abandoned, boarded up, decaying houses. It was not unlike the neighborhoods I saw in New Orleans in June except that Toledo was not hit by flooding, just an economic tornado that doesn’t seem to end. I think many of those houses have been abandoned long before the subprime mortgage fiasco.

The residents are big-time Obama fans, but we are working to make sure they vote. Thursday night we all are attending the Get Out The Vote Training at the UAW Local 12 hall. 6 pm-9:30 pm, 2300 Ashland Ave. near Bancroft. Please JOIN US!!

Go Union! GOTV!


One Response to “Moon Over Obama”

  1. Sandra Stewart Says:

    I just saw that clip on Olbermann — how great that you were there. What’s your feel for how people are going to vote? Are they going to vote? Polls are up, and now I’m concerned about overconfidence. So glad you are there doing what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.


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